Harwood Prairie Playhouse was organized to provide an opportunity for people to become involved in the staging of a comedy theater production and provide personal growth and development experiences in the area of comedic expression as participants and observers.  We offer eduction through acting scholarships, workshops, and seminars.  We will continue to provide quality entertainment to surrounding areas by expanding our theater membership and broadening our available resources.


There are many volunteer opportunities available during a performance including ushering, concessions, ticket takers, set construction, and back-stage help. If you are interested in volunteering or if you would like to become a member of the Harwood Prairie Playhouse, please send an email to info@prairieplayhouse.org


The Harwood Prairie Playhouse dedicates a portion of its receipts to enrich the artistic development of Harwood-area students by providing scholarships to further their development in music and theatre.  HPP also provides area elementary students the opportunity for cultural enrichment by funding attendance at local theatrical productions.